Sincerely Me…

sinsundaySo I thought since I have interviewed hundreds of authors over the years on this blog, that you would enjoy hearing me answer some of the questions I have posed to them over the years.

Each week I will answer one or two questions, if you want you can leave your own questions for me in the comments and I will try and answer them in a future blog post!

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Where do the your ideas come from?

Real life, sadly. (Honestly I wish I had no fodder for my books, as that would mean that no one lost their loved ones to something senseless)

Being that I write murder mysteries and romantic suspense, I spend a lot of time researching killers, murders, forensics and different techniques used in solving crimes.

I watch a lot of True Crime documentaries, I read a lot of true crime books and I read the local news.

Then I put my own spin on things and make sure those responsible have a chat with Lady Justice.

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