WIP Wednesday: Once Burned


This is going to be my summer romance, and should be out around August if everything works out! Im not so sure about the title just yet but this one seems fitting for the moment. I hope you enjoy!


Deep breath. Head high. You can do this.


The silent mantra kept playing over and over again in her head.


Nothing about this month was going the way that she had envisioned. The month before had ended poorly and everything was just compounding as the month dragged on.


Raegan hoped starting her new job today was going to be the start of the uphill swing she so badly needed in her life right now. If not her, for her son Greg. He really was the one who really needed the stability in his life.


She thought she had that with Randy, but as it turned out that wasnt the case. Everything had started out perfectly with them but…


she let the thought trail off. There was no time for those thoughts today. She

had to get her head in the game and make sure she was at the top. She could not allow the past to infect her future too.


She had been out of work a few weeks and today was the day that she started a new job. She had always loved cars as a child growing up but had been told by her father that there was no way that she would be able to do a job with cars as that was mans work and not a place for women.


So Raegan had done what any decent daughter would do to appease her parents and went to school and learned business administration


That worked well for her for many years. She moved up the ranks in various companies over the years and enjoyed her job immensely. Until the recession hit, the layoffs started and job availabilty slowed to a grinding halt. The few jobs that there were, were highly sought after and the list of people wanting to apply for them was long.


She didnt have time to sit back and hope that the right job with the right pay would come along. She had a son to support and a roof to keep over her head. The mess that Randy had left in his wake had almost drained her savings and she was out of time.


That was how she ended up where she was today; walking into the local auto mechanics for her first day at work.


Raegan still smiled when she remembered the look on the owner, Joey’s, face when she had walked in to apply for a job posting they had in the local newspaper. The skepticisim on his face was clear. He didnt think she could do the job but he was as desperate to find someone after his last new hire walked out the week before and the backlog, littering the shop, was far greater than he could afford to have.


So she found herself with a job again. One where she would have to start right back at the ground and work her way back up again. She was ready for a challange and it would give her a chance to focus on something else other than her personal life falling apart.


She took another deep breath and got out of her car. She had parked down the street so she could give herself a little bit of quiet time before she went in.


The cold early spring air made her shiver as she walked the half block. She should have worn a warmer jacket she thought as she opened the door to the shop and walked in.


Joey was there with another short bald man, who looked old enough to be her father. Both watched her as she undid her jacket and tried to keep her cool composure.


“Come on you can put your jacket in the office. “ Joey said motioning towards the shops office.


It was small and papers cluttered every available flat surface.


“Now you said you were pretty decent with tools right?” he asked once she had hung her jacket up.




“Ok good. I have a few things for you to do. Show me what you have and then we can figure out where you can go from there.”


They walked back into the shop just as a second man walked in and dumped his helmet and coat on a workbench. He was tall and lean. Her heart did a flitter when he looked at her with piercing blue eyes through a mess of dark blonde hair.


“Nice of you to join us Cole.” Joey said giving him a stern look.


“Sorry” Cole mumbled and turned back to the bench and started rummaging around in the tools looking for something.


“Alright, anyways guys, this is Raegan. She says she is pretty decent with tools and wants to give it a shot working here.”


Both men looked up from what they were doing and looked at Raegan curiously.


“I know you both will be nice to her and give her a chance to show you what she can do.” Joey said putting a hand on her shoulder and guiding her towards the other man, “This here is Frank, he does most of the oil changes we do around here, he can show you what to do. We have a lot of cars coming in today so you will have to be quick on your toes.”


“Its ok Im a fast learner. I will keep up.” Raegan said, hoping he wouldnt hear the nervousness in her voice but rahter the confident front she was trying to maintain.


Frank stared at her for a moment almost as if he didnt know what to make of her.


“Well I guess I had best better get to it. We have a lot to take care of today, been running behind for the last few weeks and its been driving me crazy. I was hoping that Joey would hurry up and hire someone to help me out. I guess that would be you then would it?”


“I guess that would in fact be me.” Raegan smiled and tried to sound reassuring.


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