WIP Wednesday: Virus


And one last look at our WIPs for the year… Den of Thieves #3 will be out just in time for Christmas this year! This time its our boy Rudy who is going to get his shot at finding love… or is it going to find him?


Since everyone had left, the room had become only quiet, the only sound he could hear was the hum of the computers and the fans. For a brief moment Rudy wondered if this had been The best idea for him.


He gave himself a shake. What was he thinking. Did he really want the rest of the team to find out that he was getting all weirded out because he was all alone in the office? He already had enough problems trying to convince the gang that he was in feet ready to be given more responsibility. The definitely did not need something like this to add fuel to The proverbial fire.

‘Alright’, he thought cracking his knuckles, ‘Time for me to get starting on a few things and then perhaps I might be able to get in some quiet time on the big screens.’

He had been secretly waiting for a chance to use the massive meeting room screens to play a new game he had become obsessed with in the last few weeks. It worked wonders on his own personal computers but it wasn’t the same until the dragons were almost as tall as you were.

With that in mind he sat down at his bank of computer screens and set about getting all of the different programs he had designed to monitor the incoming communications.


Watching the code scroll across the screen was comforting. If there was anything that he understood in life it was the jumble of characters that made up computer code.

He turned up the music he had playing in the background to drown out the sound of the heating system coming on. The sound of Metallica echoed through the emptiness.


It was a few hours later when he finally looked up from his work. The monitoring systems were in place and had been tested several times before he had allowed them to take over. He had hopes that this would help them in the future with all of the things that they tended to have going on. He just needed to prove that the system worked and this break had been the best time for him to test the theory without interrupting anyones day to day work.


Once he was sure everything was running as he wanted it he booted up the latest version of Dragon Quest and left it to load up on his own while he went to go and find himself something to eat


Getting up, he did some stretching and then Rudy made his way through the office into the lunch room.


Opening the fridge he realized that no one had cleaned it out in a while. There was a slightly sour smell to it that he hadnt smelled when he had dropped off his food earlier. Whatever it was that was making that smell was certainly getting worse and not better.


He did not want to spend the next week and a half with that smell brewing so he decided that he would get to cleaning it out. He popped a microwavable dinner in the microwave and grabbing a garbage back from the cupboard under the sink he set to work.


By the time he was finished and had loaded the dishwasher up with any tupperware containers he had encountered the smell had all but disappeared and he found himself feeling good.


Adulting 1, Video Games 0. He smiled to himself.


They had a cleaning lady that came in once a month to take care of things and reality was that she proabbaly would have been in over the holidays at some point but he didnt want to leave that mess for her to deal with.


He pulled his dinner out of the microwave and walked back across the office with the bag in one hand and his dinner in another.


As he passed by his desk to drop off his dinner, he quickly logged into the game so it could finish loading before he got back from taking out the trash.


Rudy stepped out the back door into the cool night air suddenly wishing he had tossed his jacket on before stepping outside. The bitter wind whipped his hair and sent his bangs into his eyes. The gentle snow that had been falling earlier had picked up in earnest since the others had left and an inch of accumulation covered the ground and everything as far as the eye could see.


The street lights shining off of the snow cast an eerie glow about the street. Not a single person was anywhere. Being that the office was in an industrial area the majority of the people who might have been there ahd already gone home for the night if not for the rest of the holidays.


Rudy couldnt blame them. Holidays had been a fun time in his family. Big dinners and family get togethers for weeks on end. Endless amounts of food and drink. Cousins had been running about playing together while the adults sat and talked, the women together discussing the latest receipes and hair styles, the men discussed their tools and cars. It was a good time in his life and being one of the older cousins he tended to lead the way into mischief a lot of the time.


He took a deep breath. This would be the third christmas in a row he wasnt going to be with his family. While he had mostly gotten used to the idea it still managed to sting around the holidays.


Rubbing his arms through his sweatshirt he headed back into the building the way that he had come. Making sure the door was pulled tight behind him he made his way back to his bank of compter screens, switched everything over to the conference rooms screens and then settled down on the couch in that room to spend the next few hours playing Dragon Quest.


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