Teaser Tuesday: Dragon Twins

teaser tuesday

Last week you met Jade.. sweet girl really. Just might be in a world of trouble. In the meantime its time to meet another character … Julian!


A loud crash startled Julian awake. He opened his eyes and was disoriented. What was that?


“Help m—”


Julian sat up and looked around for a moment. Was he still dreaming or did he really hear those noises?  


He heard a shuffle in the hallway. He quickly rolled out of bed and into a crouch on the floor just as the door swung open and someone stepped into the room. His heart was pounding in his chest. He looked under the bed. In the darkness he could just see the outline of a pair of heavy black boots standing just inside his door.


“Come on out, Julian. I don’t want to make this any harder on you than it has to be.” The voice was quiet with an accent that Julian couldn’t quite recognize. This person certainly wasn’t someone who wanted to pay a polite, social call. And how did this guy know his name?


Julian grabbed the baseball bat that he had left under his bed just as the feet started to move and walk around the edge of the bed. He waited for a moment, took a deep breath, and rose with a shout and swung his bat with all his might.  He caught the guy standing in the middle of his room by complete surprise. His bat’s arc hit the man square on his shoulder.


The man in the ski mask howled in pain and cursed in a Chinese dialect he didn’t understand. Then he dropped down on his knees. Another man wearing an identical ski mask appeared at the door and started toward Julian.


Julian still held his bat aloft and used it to ward off any further attacks coming from the men. The other man stopped his beside his fallen comrade, who was still on the floor writhing in pain.


Who are these guys? Julian thought. And what in the hell were they doing in his house?


He tried to think of what he was going to do next when the man that had just entered spoke to him. “Julian, you are coming with us one way or another, my dear boy.” The man’s accent was clearer that the other’s and Julian realized that they were both Chinese.


What in the hell was going on?


“I am not going with you anywhere,” he said with as much of a threatening tone as he could muster.


“Oh, but I think you are. And that bat you’re holding is not going to be able to protect you forever you know. You will get tired of fending us off soon and that is when you, my dear boy, will make a mistake and then we will have you.” His partner was all ready rising to his feet and shaking off the pain in his shoulder. So much for it being broken.


“I don’t think so.”  He was trying to sound confident. He thought maybe these guys would decide that they might be at a slight disadvantage and leave him be.


Where is Martha? Is she all right? The thoughts stuck him as he remembered the crash and the cry for help that had been cut short. He stood there for a moment eyeing his opponents wondering what they had done to her. He would have to get rid of these guys quickly. If Martha needed medical help he wouldn’t be able to help her if he was busy trying to ward off these guys.


It all felt too surreal for him; like something out of a horror movie or an action movie. It wasn’t making any sense. Why in the hell were they in his house trying to kidnap him? He was a nobody.


The man he had hit with the bat started to make his way slowly around the side of the bed toward him. The other man blocked his only exit by stepping backward toward the doorway. He was trapped and he knew it. They were right: it was only a matter of time before they got him.

Sincerely Me…

sinsundaySo I thought since I have interviewed hundreds of authors over the years on this blog, that you would enjoy hearing me answer some of the questions I have posed to them over the years.

Each week I will answer one or two questions, if you want you can leave your own questions for me in the comments and I will try and answer them in a future blog post!

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Do you write on a typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand?

I miss the typewriter I used to use when I was a teenager doing my high school projects and reports on. I loved the feel of the Underwood’s keys under my fingers. The rise and fall of the weights. It was perfect. Sadly it wasn’t mine (it was my fathers, not even sure he still has it!)

So I am down to dictate, longhand and computer.

I actually do all three depending on how the mood strikes me, where I am and what I have access to. I always carry around a notebook and pen, it usually has all of my notes on whatever story I am working on at the moment (or three as is the case at the moment) as well as plenty of room for any scenes I decide to write.

I also have a tiny Bluetooth keyboard that I carry in my purse that links up with my phone and I just jump into Google Drive and pick up the story where I left off.

And sometimes I dictate while driving down the road.

Really it all depends.

Q&A with Sally Odgers

q & a

Please welcome another guest on the blog this week from Satalyte… the lovely Sally Odgers!


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAWere you good at English?

Interesting question. I was considered very good at English right from the start. I think the lowest mark I got was an A-. Then, in Year 8, the subject “English” was split into English Expression and English Literature. I went right on getting A and A+ for EE, but my first mark for EL was a D. I couldn’t understand it. I was me, right? I was GOOD at this. It took me a while, but I discovered how to get back to my A-grade average. It had little to do with what I liked reading. It had everything to do with what that particular teacher admires. Once I discovered (by trial and error and observation) her tastes and opinions, I simply reflected them back to her. Bingo. My A average was restored. I believed (and still do) this was pretty disgraceful, but it taught me one thing: my feelings about stories are important to me. However, for my career (which at that point was being a schoolchild) my opinions were unimportant. I had to please the customer. (In that case, it was that particular teacher.) I might add that reflecting that teacher’s opinions never affected my own opinions in the slightest. It was just a garment I put on, as it were, for that particular job. It taught me the value of studying the market!

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I want to go on making a living from my writing, as I have done since the 1980s. I would prefer to sway the balance more towards the types of stories I love to tell. Come to think of it… I do love most of my books, even if they weren’t all what I wanted to write at the time.

So, what have you written?Heather&Heath

It’s more a case of what I haven’t written. My favourite genres are historical, fantasy, sf and cross-genre; in fact, all genres where the world is not quite the world we live in right now. I love either creating worlds or recreating them. My book Heather & Heath (Satalyte 2015) is a historical saga set in Van Diemens Land (later Tasmania) in the 19th and early 20th Centuries. Other 2014/15 titles include two picture books (Goodnight Truck and Rainforest Lullaby), four books in the Pup Patrol series, (all Scholastic) and Ramses Rat and the Great Cat, Bastet (Prints Charming Books). For a listing of most of my books from 1977 – 2011, you can check out http://www.sallyodgers.com (click on “Books”.) For my more recent titles, go to sallyodgers.weebly.com. I write series about dogs with my husband (Jack Russell: Dog Detective, Pet Vet and Pup Patrol). I love doing these as they allow us to create a world where dogs are of utmost impawtance!

Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

My novel Heather & Heath has three main characters.

Agnes McCleod, known as Ness, is eighteen when she leaves Scotland to sail to the colony of New South Wales as a maid for her older friend Jean. Jean dies on the voyage, leaving Ness alone and frightened in a new land. It is 1837 when she stands on the deck of the ship. That’s when she spots a large Scotsman on the wharf. Married to a virtual and rather frightening stranger, Ness spends the next two years learning to live a new life at beautiful Glen Heather in Van Diemens Land. Here, she learns to cut her cloth to match her circumstances. Her greatest triumph is in remaining herself and moving forwards, no matter what the world throws in her path.

We meet the next main character, Isobel Jarvis, in 1860, on the day of her wedding to Ness’s son, John. This marriage is made to secure the future for both partners, and Isobel, a practical girl, looks forward to a prosperous and happy life as the wife of the owner of Glen Heather. Fate has other ideas and Isobel finds herself faced with an enormous and heartbreaking challenge. To win through, she must battle convention, family and her own grief.

The third character is Alice MacDonald Campbell, Isobel’s granddaughter, whom we meet in 1913. Alice is the elder daughter of Isobel’s son Robert, and, having no brothers, she expects to inherit Glen Heather, now a prosperous sheep property, in due course. The Great War gives her a chance to step away from the life of a lady and into that of a working farmer, but then come the shocking events that mean Alice may never have the future she expected. Alice, like her ancestors Ness and Isobel, must somehow fight for what she wants while remaining true to herself.

Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from your most recent book?

Interestingly enough, I have played the casting game for the characters in Heather & Heath. I even have a Pinterest board devoted to this at https://www.pinterest.com/sallyodgers/heather-and-heath-cast/

Mia Wasikowska or Karen Gillan could play Ness McCleod Campbell

Rachel Griffiths or Claudia Black or Rose Byrne could work for Isobel Jarvis Campbell

Emilie De Ravin or a younger Sigrid Thornton could play Alice MacDonald Campbell

How much research do you do?

Depending on the genre, I may do a lot of research or none at all. Mostly I do some. Historical novels such as Heather & Heath need quite a bit. It’s easy to find the big picture information, but the day-to-day details are more difficult. I used a website called Trove, and also looked up old newspapers and interviewed a few people who remembered the earlier 20th C. I did a lot of the research for an earlier book (Anna’s Own) back in the late 1980s, which is why I was able to talk to people born in the late 1890s or early 1900s. Fortunately, I kept the notes, so I was able to refresh my mind when writing Heather & Heath years later.

rainforestlullabycoverWhy do you write?

I write because it’s my strongest talent and because I love a good story. I also write because it’s a job I can do at home, working around my odd body clock and my other commitments.

Do you write full-time or part-time?

I work full time in the writing business. I write as and when I can find markets. Since the late 1990s I have also worked as a manuscript assessor and freelance editor, running a small service called Affordable Manuscript Assessments out of http://www.affordablemanuscriptassessments.com . I do this partly to give my hands a rest (I have chronic tendonitis) and partly to bring in bread-and-butter money between royalty and advance payments.

Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?

I tend to wake late (because of my odd body clock) and spend the morning sorting out work emails, and editing or assessing. I work on writing projects whenever I can fit them in. I also visit my dad three times before dinner to make sure he’s okay. (He lives nearby) At some point in the afternoon I go for a walk (usually 90 minutes) with two or more of our dogs. I get the mail and do odd bits of shopping. At six o’clock I go to my very old dad’s place again and get his dinner and get him to bed. I come home and get our dinner, and then often watch a DVD with my husband. He goes to bed and then I start work again and work through until 2 am when I check my dad again and then go to bed. This routine happens seven days a week.

Do you write on a typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand?

I write on a laptop. I have tried to use Dragon but it’s of limited use for fiction. When writing dialogue, the scenario works like this;



Since Dragon often mishears words, it can be a very slow business.

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?

I always write an outline which I then refine to a chapter-by-chapter synopsis. Then I start writing. If things develop in an unexpected direction, I amend the story line. I find this is the best way to keep the pacing right.

What is the hardest thing about writing?outback rescue front cover

Undoubtedly, the hardest thing is finding markets that want to publish the things I want to write, and in getting readers to be aware of the books’ existence.

I have lived in the same area all my life. My first book came out in 1977 and got quite a bit of publicity. Nearly forty years and two hundred and seventy or so books later, I occasionally get asked; “still doing the writing, then?” Well, yes… “Oh? I haven’t seen anything about your books in the paper.” No… well, they won’t. When a new young writer comes along, or when a celebrity writes a book, that’s NEWS. When an older midlister writes a book… that isn’t. If the person asking me used Google, s/he would find literally hundreds of mentions of me and my books. By relying on the local newspaper… none. This is why I am so delighted to have this opportunity to answer some questions! I love talking about my books. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why most locals never mention them to me!

Writing is also one of the only jobs where experience and practice can actively work against one. In most jobs, the public point of view is that the more one does the job the better one gets. However, if writers produce a lot of work (by working hard and persisting) then they often find themselves labelled as potboilers. Also, if a writer releases several books of the same genre in a short period, the sales of each one may suffer. On the other hand, most midlist writers could not survive on the income from one book every three or four years. I would love to see writing accepted in the same way as other skills; that is, that practising the craft makes us better at it.


Thanks so much Sally for joining us today! Please be sure to follow Sally and check out some of her work!

Website: http://sallyodgers.weebly.com/

Blog: promotemeplease.blogspot.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sallyodgers @sallyodgers

Lnkedin: https://au.linkedin.com/in/sallyodgers

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/sallyodgers/

Book Links: http://satalyte.com.au/product/heather-and-heath-by-sally-odgers/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/235280.Sally_Odgers

WIP Wednesdays: Only The Willing



Stan and Jane are always driving the Chief nuts… but the Chief also knows there’s no one better for the job.


“What in the hell is going on here?” Police Chief Anthony DiOrganza roared rising to his feet. He certainly looked like an imposing figure as he stood there with both fists clenched and holding him up on his ornately carved oak desk despite the fact that his whole office with its flags flanking the desk and the faux wood paneling on the lower half of the walls looked like a throw back of decades before.


The chief had more than once bitched and complained that he hated the way his office was decorated but he was also the type of man that would never even think about spending a penny more in tax payer monies on redoing it to a more subdued decor. He was not someone who ever wanted to be accuse of wasting money on something as frivolous as that.


“We are not exactly sure what it is that you are talking about.” Stan said taking his customary seat in front of the desk, Jane taking hers next to him.


“I have heard nothing but nonsense from the floor. If you guys cant keep your traps shut long enough to get the job done then–”


Jane was about to say something when Stan held his hand up to stop her.


“Look I dont know what it is you have heard but you can bet on the fact that it didnt come from us. We are the last people who would ever jeopardize a case by spilling information to the wrong people. You of all people should know that.”


“Well then where in the hell is all this bullshit coming from?” Tonys eyes glowed with anger.


“We dont know. If we knew it was happening you would be the first person to know about the leak. You know I cant stand people who cant keep their mouths shut.”


“Well I dont care what you say if you ha head the things that I have in the last hour and a half you would be absolutely furious too. Its incredible the things that are being said. No one knows what to believe thanks to all of this.” He rattled on as he picked up the report that Jane had placed on the desk in front of him.


He sat there in silence as he read the report. Stan glanced over at Jane and mouthed the words, What in the hell is he on about?


When Tony was done he put the pages down and rubbed his face with both hands. His age was starting to show more and more with every case. Stan almost felt sorry for him, he could only imagine what the man had seen in his almost fourty years on the force.


“I dont even know where to begin.”: Tony started, “Except to start by saying I am sorry I blew up on you both like that. If I had of known that there was any truth to the rumors that have been flying around here I would have never even thought to say anything to you both about it.”


“Its alright, the whole thing feels very surreal to us as well boss. Dont think anything of it. Believe me when I say if I had of been the one sitting in your shoes listening to the information second and thrid hand I would have more than likely thought the same way you did. That someone out there was trying to start something. As it is if I hadnt been there myself and seen what I did I wouldnt have been able to believe it either.” Stan said running his fingers through his hair again.


“And you are sure that the information in this report is completely accurate?” Tony said picking up the papers again.


“To the best of our knowledge at the time of writing that report it is.” Jane said finally finding a way to work herself into the conversation again.


“Which was about a half an hour ago and we havent had a chance to touch base with any one from the lab yet and the coroner said he more than likly be able to give us anything more until much later in the day. Which leads me to believe that even if we were able to contact the labs they wouldnt have anything more to tell us yet either.”


Tony said nothing and nodded going back to the papers once again.


They sat there in silence, each on lost in their own thoughts as they sat in silence.


“So what do the two of you make of this whole thing? What are we looking at here?”


“To be honest we are not completely sure what it is. We know for sure that the motive behind this was probably not robbery as she still had her wallet, id and a small wad of cash. And besides this has all the ear marks of a crime of passion and not something else. Someone out there hated this woman enough to almost cut her to ribbons.”


“So what do you think Jane? Boyfirend or husband?”


“Not likely sir. A husband I mean. She didnt have any wedding rings on her fingers and we didnt find any pictures of her with any men in her wallet. Most women if they are married have at least one picture of them and their beloved. She had nothing. Which also leads me to believe that there is more than likely no boy friend either. Again for the same reason. Most women like to show off the fact that they have a significant other in their lives. Same goes for women who have children. I dont think this lady had any. We will be able to confirm that once Doc Williams gets through with his end of things.”


“Ok thats good. Always good to be able to try and narrow things down a bit.”


“That doesnt mean that we wont be looking into a boyfriend or even a husband angle. But we both agree that its unlikely.” Stan added.


“Well I tend to put a lot of faith in Jane and your judgement as it usually turns out to be fairly accurate. I wouldnt be surprised that you are right again here.”


“Well as I said we will be double checking, you never know she could have been one of those private type people who just didnt want the world to know anything about her or her life. It wouldnt be the first time that we have come across someone who went against the gereral sociaital norms.”


“Thats right. Then again this whole thing could have somethign to do with her profession.”


“That again is true, she could have been having an affair with one of her coworkers and that may have turned sour. Maybe a jealous wife?” Stan said without thinking as he made notes in his notebook.


“I was more thinking along the lines of prostitution Stan, but you are right I could be wrong about what she does for a living.” Tony said with a grin as Stan looked up and realized how dense his last statement had sounded.


“Yeah there is that too. Sorry wasnt entirely paying attention to the conversation, was trying to work my head around a few things, thats all.” Stan replied as he felt the blood rushing to his cheeks.


“Stan has a point thought. We could have this all wrong. She might be a regular there like the motel manager, whats his name said, but he doesnt know what it is that she is doing with the room. He could be the one who is all confused.”


“Shes right.” Tony said looking at Stan. “We all could be looking at this all back wards. How do we know at this point what she was doing there. All we can do is guess and speculate as to the reason at thsi point. That is not going to get us anywhere at all. Best thing we can do is just go over all of the basics and then plot a good way of going about ruling some of these scenarios out.”


“Definately. Even though I hate the reason why we have to have these talks I totally enjoy them as it is always nice to have a fresh set of eyes looking at things. We you end up eating, sleeping and breathing a case it ends up being hard to see the forest throught the trees. No matter how good of a detective you are.” Jane replied as she scibbled furiously in her note pad.


“So how are we going to go about this and when should I be expecting to hear back from you both?”


“Well you know us Tony, you will find out things when we do. There isnt a point of callig you just to tell you that we dont know anything new.”


“well i am glad that you are not going to hound me with nonsense, but I think you should be able to rule some of our scenarios out this afternoon at some point and then once you hear back from the Doc you guys can check in, either in person or from the road if you have to to let me know how things went and with what direction we are going to proceed with this investigation.”


Both Stan and Jane nodded as they stood up and gathered up their things before heading towards the door.


“One more thing.” Tony called after them, “I want to make sure you both make time in the next week to go and talk to Mildred.”


Stan mentally smacked himself in the head. He had forgotten to give the young officer back at the crime scene the departments psychologyst’s phone number.


“Yes sure I am sure she will be seeing us at some point soon.” Stan said grinning, he knew that it would take much more than they had seen this morning to make them go to see Mildred. Not that she wasnt an amazing shrink who know full well how to handle people like Stan and Jane, it was just that Stan and Jane over the years had found other, more effective ways of coping with on the job stress.


He quickly gave Tony the young officers information and asked Tony to make sure that the young man got the help he was going to need to deal with what he has seen this morning.


And then Stan turned and quickly followed Jane out the door.


Teaser Tuesday: Dragon Twins

teaser tuesday

In keeping with the same vein as last month this month we will have a little peek into Dragon Twins! Enjoy!


A loud noise startled Jade from her slight doze. As she straightened up in her chair, she glanced at the clock on her bedside table across the room that held her textbooks. Eleven thirty-five.


Leaning back at her desk, she reached over and felt the bowl of soup Yi, the family housekeeper, had brought. It had been piping hot but now it was tepid. She estimated she was out less than half an hour.  


Another crash came from the direction of the kitchen. What on earth was Yi doing at this time of night to make that much noise?


Jade started to get up when the door to her room flew open and two almost identical Asian men burst into her room. Grabbing her before she could make a sound, her feet lashed out and knocked the books to the floor as they dragged her toward the door.


“You’re coming with us,” one of the men said in a thick, Chinese accent. “You can either come quietly or we’ll drag you out.”


“There’s no way I’m letting you take me anywhere!” she yelled, struggling against them. Their grip loosened and this time she racked her nails across one man’s cheek. Crying out in pain, he released her arm to protect his face, allowing her to jerk free.


She ran out of the bedroom and down the stairs hoping to find Yi or something to defend herself. Jade heard them running after her. Chancing a glance over her shoulder, she saw they were right behind her as she raced through the house trying to get to the kitchen.


She was almost there when a man stepped out of the doorway, into her path. He was Asian but what caught her attention was the knife in his hand. Red liquid dripped from it onto the tile floor. Jade managed to duck around him and into the kitchen and was halted at the sight of Yi. She lay dead in a slowly spreading pool of blood.


A hand grabbed her shoulder and tried to spin her around. Her reflexes drove her forward and jumping over the housekeeper’s body she dove for the cordless phone to dial 911. She managed to dial two digits before the phone was knocked out of her hand, sending it flying across the floor.


Rough hands grabbed her and tore her clothing as she tried to get away. It was useless. They were too strong. It was too much for her. The sight of the dead housekeeper, the men in her house…the blood. There was so much blood.


A hand reached up and put a cloth over her mouth. She fought against it but it was no use. All her strength was gone. As her world faded to darkness the last thing she heard was, “Do not hurt her. Ling will not be happy if she is harmed.”


Sincerely Me…

sinsundaySo I thought since I have interviewed hundreds of authors over the years on this blog, that you would enjoy hearing me answer some of the questions I have posed to them over the years.

Each week I will answer one or two questions, if you want you can leave your own questions for me in the comments and I will try and answer them in a future blog post!

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Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day?

In reality I aim for about 2,000 words a day. I know in my earlier years of writing I was able to crank out 5,000 to 10,000 words in a day but in the last ten years I find myself spread out more with other things and distracted by raising teenagers (It was so much simpler when I could convince them to read a book or colour while I wrote) so it leaves me with just a little bit of time each day to write.

Reality is as much as I would like to I dont hit that word goal every day but as long as I am doing a steady climb, even a hundred words in a day is better than no words!

Q&A with Tarran Jones

q & a

Please welcome another guest from Satalyte Press to the blog this week… the lovely Tarran Jones!


Tarran Author Pic2What were you like at school?

I was the odd girl. Friends with everyone but I was always dancing to the sound of my own tune.

Which writers inspire you?

There are so many but the main ones would be Traci Harding – My novel with Satalyte came about because of the Traci Harding forums. We were role playing our characters (I was Taliesin, Magi of the Court) and I wanted to do a back history for my character and the rest went from there.

Michael Ende – Never-Ending Story

This book opened worlds up to me and the theory that in some form characters in a story could be real. We are the heroes of our stories.

David Eddings – Belgariadtwice upon a time

I have re-read this series so many times. I loved the whole Joseph Campbell style of quest and mystery.

Lastly, Tamora Pierce – Alanna the First Adventure

These books let me know that a female can be a lead in a fantasy adventure or any type of book really. Alanna was strong, short tempered and fighting as hard as she could to do what SHE wanted and not what had been decided for her.

So, what have you written? 

My novel with Satalyte is my fourth novel (the other three were practice ones and won’t see the light of day.) It is due for release this year sometime. I have a short story called ‘All That Glitters’ based on the Brothers Grimm tale of ‘The Girl with No Hands’ in an anthology called ‘Twice Upon a Time.’

I have self published two short stories on Amazon called, ‘Outback Dreams’, my first contempory story with a slight ghostly twist and ‘Dance of the Gods’ an Asiatic story about a dancer encountering a forbidden noblewoman and Dancing for the Gods.

I also have a free PDF story on my website called ‘Icons of Power’ a bleak Dance of the Gods amazon coverlook at a Dystopian Australia and two people chasing the Icons of Power that will change the world.

Writing book two of my Demon Wars series now.

Where can we buy or see them?

My short stories can be found here Twice Upon a Time Anthology can be found here

Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

Taliesin is special. She is so damaged by all she has seen and yet she still tries her hardest to do good. It would be so easy for her to say screw it, I’m turning bad – but she doesn’t. She fights and fights to uncover the truth and restore knowledge.

How much research do you do?

Sometimes I think I do more research than actual writing. A well researched novel is a believable one, especially for a fantasy author.

When did you decide to become a writer?Icons of Power Cover

I was six and wrote my first story about a white sports car with black velvet seats. I was instantly hooked.

Why do you write?

I can’t not write. It is in my blood.

How do you relax?

Gardening is my relaxation. Also, watching one of the TV shows that I subscribe to.

What is your favourite motivational phrase.

Where Thought Goes, Energy Flows. I love this as it is so true. Our thoughts direct our energy.

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?

I hardly ever outline, I am a write by the seat kind of girl. I like my characters to take me on their journey.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t give up. You will get there. Learn as much as you can and then learn more. You can write 😀


Thanks so much Tarran for joining us from Down Under this week on the blog! Please be sure to follow Tarran and to check out her work!

Website: https://taliesin13.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tarranjones13.com.au/

Twitter: CastlebookE

Lnkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=AAIAAAXOwTUBLEfIF1JUPWreh-mWm4a5cQeghz0&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00YKX3Z14

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/10812820.Tarran_Jones