BOOKS n BOOZE! Episode 9

Books n Booze Episode 9
Subs, Doms & Rock ‘n Roll
With Gina Whitney

Instagram-BnB-Gina-ep9Books n Booze – Episode 9; Subs, Doms & Rock n Roll with Gina Whitney. Gina and Tiffany Fox join HBIC Deena Rae and discuss the Rocker series, BDSM, and the psychology of submission and domination in Gina’s hardcore books. Abel Gunner, of Gina’s Rocker series, is dissected and discussed as well as the psychology of domination.

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Get personal with Gina like this little snippet:

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Gina Whitney

Badass Books n Booze is a podcast dedicated to Badass Authors and their books. Find Out More About Badass Book Society


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