I am SO EXCITED that Stan Brookshire is back! In this installment, we have the usual cast of Stan, Jane and the Lake City PD as they try to track down a deranged kidnapper before it is too late for his victim. Nuts as this kidnapper is, he’s also smart and leaves no clues behind. Stan has to rely on help from a new-to-the-Lake-City-cast psychic -Beth. Beth is a really sweet person, a very well developed character that left me hoping she appears in future books in this series. I was also pleased to discover that Julian is still around! Another brilliantly designed character.

I love this series because Stan has this crazy instinct that so far, has served him well. He reminds me in a way of Detective Alex Cross, but without all the fancy degrees. He is very versatile – he is able to profile his suspects to a tee, he doesn’t miss anything – even the tiniest of details and he doesn’t rule anything out, no matter how crazy a notion. He accepts help when he should – he isn’t too prideful and always puts the victims first. He puts his whole life on hold when someone is in trouble in order to find them.

This book is very well written, packed with action, drama, a story of revenge, a touch of violence and a splash of paranormal activity (just the psychic’s visions). It has it all and kept me on the edge of my seat. Very well written. Cosgrove manages to be very descriptive without being too wordy, making this book the perfect balance of a good read, and a fairly quick read. I love this installment and cannot wait for more Stan Brookshire.

~Lacie, from Amazon.com

Praise for “An Insomniac’s Dream”, Stan Brookshire Novels #3

Sacrifice of Innocence is such a great novel! I can’t wait for the others to follow! I am a huge fan of Law and Order SVU, and this book is better– 100 times better than the show! I could not put the kindle down until I finished it!

I am going to quote another reviewer, hope he/she doesn’t mind. I do agree with this reviewer about this quote, “the villains follow a deity of a Mesoamerican faith but they are not Mesoamerican in heritage.” It would have been nice for that to be explained.

However, it really wasn’t a huge deal to me. There is no telling how the villains found out about this deity. The internet, perhaps? People have followed crazier things from the internet.

Great job, Allison. Keep ’em coming!

~Cary, from Amazon.com

Praise for “Sacrifice of Innocence”, Stan Brookshire Novels #1

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